I strolled to Ekoglass Abuja office in 2006, barely having enough money to purchase a bottle of resin. The company instead of selling the resin encouraged me to enrol for a training programme in windshield repairs, which I did, although yet without enough money. After going through the training programme, I became a windshield repair technician after six days and Ekoglass enrolled me in a financing programme to practice my newly acquired skill. Six months after, I proudly owned a repair kit from the proceeds of glass repair. Today, I have not only become a success story in glass repair, I have been able to educate my children and build houses in Abuja as well as in my home town in southern Nigeria. Thank you, Ekoglass.
—-Peter, Abuja, Nigeria +2348036109479

Glass repair has transformed my life, opening up a new vista of opportunities and connections for me. I am my own boss, I am happy, I am fulfilled. John, Lagos, Nigeria +2348055412904 Emmanuel approached me in 1999 to repair his Mercedes Benz car windscreen. In the course of repairing the crack, he asked me what challenge I had in practicing my vocation. I readily told him, “scarcity of resin’’. I have come across a couple of guys asking me the same question and promising to supply the material without success. Three weeks after, Emmanuel brought resins and since then, there has never been scarcity of glass repair materials in Nigeria. He made my dream come true in glass repair. Thanks, Ekoglass. John, Abuja, Nigeria +2348036453328 I ran into Emmanuel and his wife Dele, in 2011 when I came for a course in Abuja, Nigeria. They introduced me to glass repair and I was immediately drawn to the prospect of establishing the business in Kenya, my home country.
Herbert, Kenya, Malinguhm20022000@yahoo.com, +254704474122

The answer to my urge to diversify in the Gambia came in 2009 when Emmanuel introduced me to glass repair at the Ekoglass Training Institute in Abuja, Nigeria. Ekoglass took me through the process of establishing a small scale business which led to the founding of Rafbuk Enterprise the same year. The company even sent a technician to Banjul to facilitate my set up. Our little idea has added value to the Gambian economy through job creation and poverty alleviation by training young Gambians in the art of windshield repair. Beside that, we have created a cheaper alternative to damaged windscreens, thereby eliminating replacement costs and restoring the integrity of the damaged windscreen. I am fulfilled, thank you, Ekoglass.
—–Bukky, The Gambia +2207745757, +2209727957

When I was introduced to the business of windshield repair, it did not make much economic sense. Besides, it looked too menial and low income to be considered as a business. It was 2 years later that I discovered that glasswork could make the rich richer, raise the poor from the dust, give hope to the hopeless and set a future for the downtrodden. I was used to giving handouts to the youths of our church for food and transport, until one day God impressed it upon my mind that I had to do more than charity. I had to empower the youths and make them independent enough to fend for themselves. This is when windshield repair made sense to me. I immediately enrolled 3 young men into the windshield repair course. Through it all, Ekoglass has been a proven, tried and tested partner. It has never failed us; responding to our requests as timeously as possible and volunteering technical and even managerial assistance whenever needed. Many lives and families are hinged on the work that Ekoglass is doing and we are privileged and blessed to be a part of this movement.
—–Peter Mukoro, Ventral Limitada, Angola   +244 917 293 679, +244 933 150 729