EkoGlass Vision

Ekoglass Ventures Limited is a company that strives to break new grounds, bringing glass repair technology for the empowerment of people. Our goal is not only to be the leading edge of progress and development in Nigeria and the whole of Africa, but also to create opportunities for the creation of wealth for those who desire, through glass repair.

We invest in education and training so as not only to survive one day, but also to thrive every day in a skillful manner. We hope to achieve this kind of standing by providing the skills and tools necessary for such bold and overcoming action.When you become an Ekoglass customer, you tap into our expertise through our top quality line of equipment, hands-on training and our quality customer support. At Ekoglass Ventures Limited, we have a proven track record of innovation, stability, quality and commitment to provide quality service to meet our customers needs.

Why Repair your windshield?
The windshield is the No. 1 safety provider in your vehicle. Apart from being cost effective, Windshield Repair is safe, effective and convenient and is the best alternatives to replacement. Train with us Windshield repair is easy to learn, our customer base is made up of people looking to start their own windshield replacement business and a multitude of small to mid-sized businesses looking for extra income. In addition to learning to maximize the efficiency of their equipment, we provide an unprecedented level of high quality, hands-on, comprehensive technical training to our students.