Empowerment Program

Ekoglass is made up of three specialized business units:
Training, Sales and Repairs.

Having undergone the course of instruction in windshield
repair at the Glass Mechanix Training Centre located in Las
Vegas, Nevada USA and Technical Glass Training Centre
located in Salt Lake City USA, we are authorized to train and
certify interested persons in the art of windshield repair and

– Empowerment
The training process takes a period of 5 days and it

  1. Theory: the theory aspect is to ensure that
    trainees are well grounded in the details of what they are
    doing while training.
  2. Practical: this will provide the trainees with an
    actual experience of what is to be done before going to the
  3. Practice: Trainees are exposed to real field
    experience by carrying out repairs themselves.
  4. Examination: Testing you to know what you have
    learnt and to what extent. Be warned that if you do not pass
    then you will not be able to graduate as a certified glass
  5. Graduation: Congratulations! And you are
    welcome the world of glass mechanics!!!